June 14, 2012

Netherlexit: Will Netherlands exit euro before Spain and Italy?

After several months of rumors about a possible Grexit, last days were rich in some comments regarding a possible foreseeable Spaxit, like this here reproduced: “Grexit may or may not increase the chance of Spaxit. But Spaxit almost certainly means Netherlexit, Fraxit, and even Gerxit. (Although hopefully those ‘words’ will never again see print)”. Sorry, I printed them again.

But, yesterday defeat of the Dutch by the Germans seems to indicate that Netherlands will be among the first countries to leave the euro, probably at same time than Greece. Meanwhile Portugal, Spain and Italy may succeed to the next stage. Obviously I’m talking of the euro, the European soccer championship.

If you want to read about my view of a possible orderly greek exit from the euro currency, please read it here.

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