July 2, 2008

Morning Blog

GTI is still bearish on all equities markets all over the world.

Asian shares are falling every day since last week, with nikkei preparing itself to an record streak of consecutive losses. GTI is still negative in all the asian markets it follows. Australian, Nikkei, Topix, Hang Seng, China, Russia, India and South Korea. If I have to buy something I believe that russian market is the less weak asian market, as its GTI is very close to zero. China (Hang Seng China) is the worst market to be invested in Asia, according to GTI.

S&P 500, Dow jone Industrials, Nasdaq, Russel 2000, Wilshire 5000, Toronto SPTSX, IBOVESPA, MEXBOL and MERVAL are all in bearish mood, according to GTI.
The Global Trader Indicator is less negative in canadian and argentina stocks. Dow Jones and Mexican equitities are the worst places to be invested now.

The Global Trader Indicator is also ver negative on european equities, which is not a surprise.
As I have posted last week, it was not a good place to be invested in. Geographically, CAC seems to be the less negative market to invest now, but it is still in bearish mode, with GTI -0.08. You shall be away from Portugal, as PSI20 got a GTI of -0.38! This is not a surprise, and has this market achieve new lows, many leveraged investors are forced to sale stocks... The perfect place to short the market!

European sectors are mostly bearish. I just want to refer that european media and healthcare are entering in the bullish zone, with GTI's of 0.03 and 0.16, respectively. Off course, one should be carefull buying at this times, but you may want to selectively make some picks in this sectors.

Second Quarter Round

Here I present the performance of the World Financial Markets, measured by Dow Jones Indexes.
You can find that Canada is the new C in BRIC, lol

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