June 25, 2008


There are not good opportunities to buy stocks in asian markets.at least in the following markets that i studied with the help of the GTI indicator:

- RUSSIAN RTS is probably the best place to be invested in asia. The trend is up, with good strength. No value, so current trend is not supported. GTI -0.01. We may get a buy signal tomorrow...

- NIKKEI 225 has a lot of value inside it. Currently its GTI could be better -0.06, but it is reflecting the difficulty to accurately predict this index during this year.

- BSE SENSEX -0.16
- S&P ASX 200 INDEX -0.31 !!! Keep away from basic materials.

Sorry for this short version on the asian markets but i started to have some problems with my contact lens... GTI cannot help me with that! ;)

I hope you enjoy these insigjths on the daily movements of the major world stock markets. Keep in mind that i am not recommending you to really buy or sell stocks. I just share my view, which may be wrong with you. You may choose to use this or not, but i will not accept any responsability for any kind of loss you my occur.

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GTI - Global Trader Indicator

And here we are, near of the year lows... What will hapen now? Will we face a strong recovery, like that seen 2 years ago? Will we have another bear market rally, like the one of april and may? Or will we attend to another bearish movement on concerns regarding stagflation and (more) writedowns?

I believe we are in the eye of the storm. Hold on, the bears are coming back!

I designed one comprehensive indicator that i named GTI, or Global Trader Indicator. This indicator results from the agregation of several other indicators. I included both technical, risk and fundamental metrics. I developed this indicator using an aggregation algorithm very common in the artificial intelligence fields.

GTI is very easy to read, since it is always inside of the -1,+1 interval. Values below 0 are bearish indications and values above 0 are bullish readings. Although GTI is contained inat interval, it usually assumes values between -0.3 and +0.3.

There are 2 nice things about this indicator. One can see why it is giving a bullish or bearish indication and it has been able to give valuable indication in the past.

Give it a chance and read these insights on the world biggest stock exchanges. I will update this report very often, in order to give you the information you need to evaluate these signals by yourself. Don't forget to add this page tou your favorites and come back soon to check this:

- MSCI WORLD is an index that represents worldwide stock markets. GTI had been a good indicator to the mood of this index. And currently, it is signalling that we are in a bearish territory (-0.27). Looking to some components of GTI one can see that there is some value in the world stock market, but the risk is high and most technicall indicators are pointing to south. Today there was some positive evolution in the momentum, but ir remains in negative territory. Keep bear!

- MSCI EMERGING is an index that represents emerging markets stock exchanges. Here we got one of the worst GTI i ever saw! This is the kind of market where you don't want to be during the next days! (-0.38). Keep away! There is no value, risk is high and the bull market is over.

- SWISS MARKET INDEX SMI is the least bearish european market. Still it is the the bearish territory of the GTI (-0.09), mainly because it gained some momentum with today recover. You shall be short even on this market.

- CAC 40 INDEX is the second least bearish european market with a GTI of -0.10. You can find some value in these french stocks, but markets are paying more attention to the high risks. Keep away, you will not regret.

- DAX INDEX is very similar to CAC. With a GTI of -0.10 one can find more value na less risk than in CAC. But for now, sell, sell, sell!

- OMX STOCKHOLM 30 INDEX has a lot of value, but seems that nobody cares! The trend is descending and GTI is also negative (-0.11). Is good to know where the value is, but is not the correct time to buy. Wait, be patient... Some day, the GTI will say: buy!

- DJ STOXX 50 is the pan-european large caps index. There is some value in these stocks, but the trend is sharply bearish.the GTI value is -0.13 and will not be better if the trend persists.

- DJ STOXX 600 is a broader pan-european index. It is very equal to DJ STOXX 50 but with a lower level of value. The GTI is the same at -0.13. This index closed at 296.10.

- IBEX 35 is also in the bearish mood. The GTI is simillar to the pan european indexes, and also is the value trend divergence.

- FTSE 100 also has a lot of value, but ... Who cares about value in this sell off? Wait the timing to buy. At present, the GTI value of -0.14 is an advice to keep away from uk market!

- SP MIB also has a GTI of -0.14 with positive contributions coming from value and momentum indicators. It is a market that you probably will not find appealling for the next several weeks... But we never know! The best thing to do is to keep the GTI number under watch.

- PORTUGAL PSI 20 is the worst european place to be invested in. Is correlated with ll the previous european markets, but has no value! The GTI at a level of -0.22 is meaningful... Isn't it? This summer only look to portugal if you are looking for a sunny weekend!

- ARGENTINA MERVAL INDEX is probably the only place where you can invest nowadays. The GTI of 0.06 reflects a good momentum, despite of the current bearish short term trend. There is some value. So go bullish, pay attention to any loss of momentum or strength. Consult this blog more often.

- NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX / NASDAQ 100 are also with a bearish GTI (-0.03). Some value, and here people seems to care about it! With lower risks or short term trend reversal we will se a buy here. But not today.

- RUSSEL 2000 has also the GTI at -0.03. Low value but also low risk. Gaining some momentum, but still negative. May be a buy, if short term trend reverses.

- MEXICO BOLSA and BRAZIL BOVESPA have the same GTI (-0.07), but I prefer brazil, as the least worst. But you will not want to have your money here. There is no value and th party is over!

- SP 500 has the GTI in bearish territory (-0.13). Despite some value, ignored by the markets, probably expecting more earnings revisions, high risk and bearish momentum are driving the market south. This market is currently at 1326. Sell!

- SPTSX COMPOSITE INDEX is the canadian index. I am an admirer of the canadian economy, but GTI is not bullish on its stock market. Sell canadian stocks... The GTI is -0.17 worst than yesterday because the trend is now worst...

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